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This is a list of both the Books I have published an an attempt to locate Majorie Lynn McKee, who was stationed at the AGE School on Chanute AFB in the 80's from Tucson Arizona. 

I now know Lynn, if you are still alive what happened to all of us back then on Chanute.  We were part of a test program on  Psychological manipulation, mind control, and intergration via  mind altering drugs in our food supply, people who could channel both energy and thoughts(Part of the Remote Viewing Program under such as Col. Daines.  Up until end of 81, the Airforce ran this Program.  Then in 82 the CIA took over.  Ran an Interesting background search on a certain SSGT who got you kicked out first, then me three years later.  Turns out he shows up as a CIA operative within the Military.  I had heard after you were out that he had been involved in Black Market overseas.  Never back then put two and two together.  Only Military involved in that were always CIA people.  He was the followup sent our way to make certain we never talked.  In essence, he was there to finish what they started on Chanute.  Silence all the witnesses.   In essence, Lynn, they turned us all into lab rats in a program with a history prior to that time, and a program that was adopted in 82 by the CIA.  The exact program that effected all of us has never been declassified, even though via the declassified CIA records one can trace down some of the information.  Every last one of us at that school has suffered in part from symptoms like PTSD, even though we never fought in a real war, except the mind screw type.  The CIA's adaption of this program was Called Project Star Gate.  One of their heads is a friend of mine now.  The program and what they developed has been carried on through both the combined Services  Psychological Operations, and other Government Agencies and outside Agencies since those days.  

I also now know what those images where all about that flashed in our minds at Lovell's house that day.  I can also tell you if you manage to break them down into smaller fragments you will learn something about you and I, you may or may not already know.  If the name Keira means something to you then you do.  

Lynn one reason I am doing this is I was told three years after the last time I saw you that you had died.  The other reason is I need your help.  The third reason, is I sometimes, for about two years now, have sensed your presence which makes me question what I was told back then.  Put it this way, they went to enough trouble to cover all this up to remove our marriage record from the Champaign Country records that goes back to the 1800's. Divorce record in Arizona also does not exist, even though they have little online records before 1989.  We never won that war we fought, in fact, a majority of those we tried to help including our close friends have suffered because of that fact.  I don't know what to do.  I just know we are outgunned and out number and that something needs to be done.  Look Keira, eventually if I am right they will hunt the one's of us left down for what we know.  If you know the meaning behind that name you know I am right.  If you know what that Elder said through you that night about the two worlds means you know I am right.  

I need your help Lynn, badly.  If you really look around and study the world and here with all those killings going on, the media take over, etc you will know my Green Rope was right and we woke up with the Body Snatchers taking over as he once said.  I could tell you some interesting crap I dug up recently about a connection between what is known as a Lilly wave, superimposed on all the AC power lines in this Country, its usage to put people, especially people on certain mind altering drugs like  Amitriptyline and others used on mental patients into a trance state, a connection between all these killings and the major power line grids in this Country.  The Lilly wave is a 7 hertz square wave signal that matches human brain waves.  One connection all these doing the killings has to Chanute if you will remember all those who acted nuts up there swore they heard voices in their heads.    

In fact, the most interesting thing about this story is that it is a perfect example of how the brain fills in details and looks for “evidence” of what the viewer wants to be true. This phenomenon is also known as “confirmation bias.” According to The Skeptic’s Dictionary, confirmation bias is a scientific, psychological term that “refers to a type of selective thinking whereby one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one’s beliefs, and to ignore, not look for, or undervalue the relevance of what contradicts one’s beliefs.”

This was one of the biggest methods both the DOD and the CIA had at one time focused on to get people to act the way they wanted them too. It is a major tool of mind control and while it to some extent works on all people, it works the best on those on mind altering drugs. The object was to figure out the fears and natural beliefs people had. To then manipulate a situation to look like a case of something that person or group of people believed in. By such, they utilized selective think to manipulate people into doing or saying anything they wanted them too. We all have beliefs and fears. Even those who do not believe in God often have certain pre-concieved ideas that if confronted by something that backs such up will respond to this even if such is a fabricated reality. They will also over and over again ignore something that does not back up their belief system no matter the reality of the evidence. 

Think of it this way. Let's say you are a believer in Ghosts. If, unknown to you I placed you in a place that not only fit the haunted idea, and at the same time generated every last effect that you expected, including an out of thin air voice, and appearance of a misty person, etc. Your mind would begin to believe all that was faked was in fact reality. It can even reach the height of belief that it can bring on cardiac arrest, that mind painted reality can make you fight something that is not real. Prime examples of this people often react with a punch or fight move against something after them in a dream that can be viewed and witnessed by others awake. The mind translates what it sees as reality. We see, and this has been proven over and over, what we believe.

Now take such a case as this, add in mind altering drugs of varying doses(One of their favorites was PCP and LSD) fed to you via food without your knowledge. Add in people planted amongst the whole group, to act certain parts out, to make suggestions, etc. Add in at least one who can channel. Add in the rest and try to imagine yourself stuck in someone's else created image of demons and hell come alive. How would you respond? How would your mind be after months of that, especially if you could watch others being effected the same way? Let's say, your an isolation case, one of those blind test subjects not being fed the same drugs all the time, yet you watch all your friends acting crazy, you come from a belief system that tends towards seeing such as demonic, people speaking in really strange languages, say Latin, only it is a reversed version of a Latin Mass they are reciting, same person try's to kill someone you know. All people you worked around every day prior to this. Let's add in the outside testers managing to get about 150 people to act like brain dead Zombies. Try being a ranking enlisted person working for the Base General and watching all this when you came from a Christian background, you and say four other friends. What would you after even two days of this begin to think was going on, especially if the Base has a long history of strange spiritual like events on it? 

I can answer that as one who was there. Your mind sees what it believes. You get to the point you have no idea when you look back what was reality, and what was all fake. What was your choice and what was a forced choice. Let's say, thirty years later you start for once asking what really happened. However, almost all the evidence has by purpose been destroyed or buried away. You cannot even find a single record on those friends you knew and fought back against this with. The tracks were covered almost perfectly, except for the memories in your mind. You hear some of them died, none of them remained in the Service. Yet, all these years later certain vital records that could prove that have for some reason been removed from certain record banks. 

While a recent girl's death in a water tank in California is a tragedy with a bit of a mystery to it based upon simular seeing what is not there, the above is a real case example of what our Government was capable of doing when it came to spy methods, to battle field test conditions, to trying to alter the mind of large groups of people for population control and giving them an advantage over an enemy. These 150 of what I call Lab Rats were people who had enlisted in the Military to serve their Country. Citizens of this Country, who were treated to a trip down the rabbit hole to Alice's worst Nightmare nearly thirty years ago with no consent on their part, no later mention of sorry, we did it for a reason, no mention Hey you might all suffer some long term side effects, no nothing. Try believing one thing for thirty years, something you tried to forget every way possible, and then learn 30 years later it was all a fabricated lie used to see what they could do. 

Trying to figure out what was real and what was a lie all those years later is having to look at the worst nightmare you have ever dreamed and trying to make sense of it and your life after that point. And worst part, you as a ranking person where responsible for all those under you, and of all their lives that got ruined, you also lost someone you loved very much along the way. Not much difference at all from those Viet Nam vets, who lost buddies on the Battle Field that served under them. If you have ever watched Forest Gump I can say I totally understand LT. Dale, and all those real Vet's who have come back from wars with scars that never really go away. 

On some nights when I am driving across this Country one of the few radio shows that almost always shows up on the dial is Coast to Coast AM. One often guest on that show is a certain Col. who once ran for the Air Force part of that program. Hardly a show goes by with him on that he does not brag about how much that expanded man's knowledge. The guy reminds me in his words of the NAZI Doctor who experimented on the Jews under Hitler. He said those same words to his dying day. I don't know how many times I have wanted to knock that worthless Col. out since I learned the truth. There were other things the Military was involved testing that may have been used on our group. The list is so long I am not sure exactly all they used. 

That is just but one example of what an unchecked Government is capable of. There exists records of whole cities in this Country our Government dropped radioactive material on, chemicals on, whole groups of people given test drugs that deformed and killed them. Middle of American town of Saint Lewis is just one example, LA in California is another. The list is actually very long. From Coast to Coast in this Country one finds a trail of Lab Rats all in the name of progress. The list expands as one searches around the globe. Not only our Government, but many of the so called free world Government's and even the Communist ones. The Russian KGB had such a test program way ahead of us at one time. In fact, the program I got a front row seat on was designed to catch up with them. This is what those in power think of our Constitution when no checks and balances exist. This is what greedy power hungry human's can do to their fellow human beings. That is the type of darkness that lurks in the hearts of man. If they can do it to 150, to a whole city, doing it to a whole Country becomes possible. In fact, over time I have gathered some indirect evidence they are using some of this on the whole Country.

About fifty military members decades back were sit in the desert of New Mexico to witness and describe the test of our first Atom bomb. The real purpose they were ordered there was to test the effects of radiation on a population. Most of them died over time from Cancer and radiation exposure all because of Government Orders from those they trusted to lead them. 

That is not conspiracy theory. That, and the rest, is historic fact one can even by a simple search find actual declassified Government records on as evidence. The RV program was adopted by the CIA, who's records are declassified now,  MKULTRA, a program prior to the 80's has records on it out there. That is the part of history they fail to teach you in our schools, or one hardly even sees the Media mention. Only in a very few of these cases has the Government ever bothered to admit their fault on, or pay for the lives they have ruined. In fact, most of the time they waited till everyone was dead to even declassify the documents on this. Moral of this is if you think you can trust those we elect into office, those who sit in the White House, those who we serve under as Commanding Officers you really need to wake up to reality.

I more than likely will never find out the whole truth. Too many years, too many records lost by purpose and due to time. Too many witnesses vanished and gone through the years, If background checks and records are any indication, too many friends lost to time and effects of that whole experiment. One of the biggest messing people, the one I am searching for here, had aspects in her memory about certain people that could have helped. In short, almost too many years after the fact to even follow that trail down the Rabbit hole. I know I'd like to solve this. I have always hated a mystery with no solution. I know I'd like to see someone answer up for the damage they did. I know a part of me, especially knowing their methods now, would love a rematch. I also know, deep in my heart, the voices of many who got hurt in all that will not rest till Karma comes and bites those who did all that in the butt.

Thirty years later, for me it is like being haunted by many ghost from the past. All restless spirits who cry out for answers almost worse than my soul does. It is a wound upon my mind and heart that will never go away till I have some honest closure.

The evidence was there before our eyes from that first night in that skating center in Champaign. Evidence that our beliefs prevented us from seeing. The evidence was there at Lovell's house that next day. All the evidence was there that this was people doing all that to other people. Sure, looking back, one can say that it was demonic in nature and scope, demonic inspired. Only the Origin of all evil could ever dream up such. However, all the forces of Darkness, all those Principalities in High Places, still, in the end run, depend upon the minds and hearts of men to accomplish their tasks. It takes willing people to carry out their work. It was those same willing people who set up that whole experiment. It is those same willing people that one day, some where, if only in time, will have to face the harshest Judge in the Universe for what they did. I can go through that evidence till I am blue in the face. However, the oldest scientific principle in the World rather applies: If you eliminate all the possibilities, whatever remains, no matter how out there, must be the truth.

If anybody reads this that was there in 81 on Chanute that remembers, the sorry fact remains that we were unwilling victims of the worst screwing one can imagine. We offered ourselves up for the Service of our Country and they bent us over and threw us to the Wolves. To the rest who read this the next time you hear someone brag about spy programs like this, and, what benefit they provide for our Country, you might do well to remember all that great benefit came with a cost in human hearts and minds, a cost of lives ruined, lives that should have been and were never allowed to be. If an average person out there pulled this off on someone else they would be brought up on changes and face a life in jail for such actions. However, when our Government does such there is no honest judge or jury that awaits them on this Planet. Thirty years later there is no closure, the wounds in our hearts and minds will remain with us for the rest of our lives. The only closure we will ever have on this is that day when every knee shall bow before the ultimate Judge of our lives.

To any of you left who stood up and fought against that evil, from the bottom of my heart, as a fellow service man, I say thank you. I wish I could offer you more peace, God only knows, I wish I could find such myself. However, we can find some peace that we at least tried, even if none of what we did helped.

I kind of realize that what I was told nearly thirty years ago about Lynn must be true. I can find no evidence anywhere that she is alive. God only knows I've been through the records, checked out 800 leads. However, what I said in my book about all this, that no one deserves to not be remembered, I, at least via our modern web,. have made sure her life counted and that she is remembered by others besides myself. Her High School in Tucson, on their alumni page, lists her kind of ironically as messing. She is one of those honest American unsung hero's that got left behind all those years ago. Though we never fought in any real battle field across the Globe, she is no different than all those who have been left behind in the past of this Nation. If no one else out there Lynn does, I still remember you. For most of us in that mental war so long ago you were our inspiration, and, for me you were someone dear to my heart that I will never forget.

My Daughter at her recent Marriage had a friend there that in many ways reminded me of you, from her general looks, to that can do attitude of one in the Military, to even adjusting all the ties of us guys at that wedding. It was kind of nice to see that spirit you had carried onward in the Service by someone else close to one of my children.

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