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Introduction to myself

I am a retired Engineer with a Physics background. I am also an Author and Co-Author of many books on subjects ranging from Cosmology, to Warp Drive, to UFO's, to the advent and rise of the New World Order, to books on subjects from the Bible. I am Married to Kelley who has been with me almost 8 years now. I am also the Father of several children from past marriages, whom many now have their own kids. I have attempted through my writings to enlighten and educate others on many different subjects. I was involved many years back in the research NASA under their BPP program was involved in on Warp Drive and Hyperdrive, through an outside independent group of researchers from around the globe known as ESAA. I was referenced in the publication New Scientists at one time, along with Lee Smolin, as someone who was making the Establishment think outside the box. I have authored in the past two published articles, one on Warp Drive, and one on Aliens. I have authored over 36 different pre-prints out there. I was at one time the Chief Editor for the Journal of Advanced Theoretical Propulsion. I also have through many years of college and work experience gained a knowledge in many areas ranging from Biblical Studies, Security,and Computer Operations and Programming. I am currently making a living as a Truck Driver going coast to coast and have even worked as a Driver Trainer. I have a background training in Firearms and personal defense at both a State and Federal Level through my experience in Security, as both a Guard and a Field Supervisor. I am a Libertarian politically, and a Christian belief wise who finds that an open mind has no real conflict with Science. I have also had experience first hand with UFO's and with Ghost, Demons, and ESP. I also witnessed first hand many years ago the Military's experiments with RV and ESP.

I am a Ham radio operator with the call sign KB5YOG. I am a hunter and fisher, who when young used to explore and help map wild Caves and Mountain climb. Thanks to some friends in SETI

the names of my children and myself are on a plaque on one of those small Rovers on the Planet Mars for all of history to remember. While I quit the Mountain climbing many years ago due to health and age, that was my way of doing something for my kids and their kids to be remembered historically and to actually have a part of me go further and higher than any man has gone before.

Today, many of the ideas NASA has been working on in the area of Warp Drive were first developed in part by those of us in the group ESAA. It was our hope then and still is today that we can have influenced others to think outside the box and find a way for mankind to one day reach for the stars, to really go where no one has gone before, to step onto one new World and look out towards that next step onward till we meet others like ourselves in this great Cosmic Universe we exist in.

My Wife Kelley and I live in Peabody Kansas at 110 Sycamore Street with our dog and three cats. Our house sits on what amounts to as hallow ground, which given some my past, is a good thing.